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As you know, this is the gathering place for a select group of web-wise Cairns and Westies. Our founders originally met on the Internet and became email pen-pals. As our circle of friends grew, we decided to create this virtual club, highlighting the personalities of our members for fellow canine web travelers.

If you're a Cairn or Westie and you'd like to join us, please complete this questionnaire and submit it to our membership committee. Membership in The Terrier Club is free - our website is privately owned and is sponsored entirely through voluntary member donations (we're not a commercial site). We respect your privacy; your email address is not shared with any third parties and is visible only to other club members.

NOTE: If you have two or more Terriers applying, please complete an application for each dog and send separate photos by email. Be sure to identify your photos by name so we can match them with your application(s).

Please view our Terms of Use page for more details about the Terrier Club website.

Are you a Terrier, but not a Cairn or Westie?
Well, you're invited to join our affiliated site TerrierTown.com! All Terriers are welcome!
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Applications submitted without a photo will not be accepted. If you need your photo scanned, try a local copymart or film processing store.

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