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Terrierclub.com is a big place. If you're a visitor or club member, here's where you can find answers to the most commonly asked questions about our site. We've also included helpful links to popular pages on our site, so feel free to explore!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Website Info

Q. Is the Terrier Club a "members only" website?
A. No, we welcome all visitors and Terrier lovers! Anyone can participate in our public Forums, vote in our monthly Best of Show contest, and much more. However, if you have a Cairn or Westie you are invited to Join the Club and get your own Member Bio page.

Q. Who runs the Terrier Club website?
A. The Terrier Club is privately owned and managed by a fellow Terrier lover named Mark for the sole purpose of creating a friendly community of Westie and Cairn fanciers. The site started in 1997 as a personal home page for Katy and Penny (Mark's Westie and Cairn) and grew to become the Terrier Club which today receives over 3.5 million hits per month.

Q. How is the Terrier Club site managed and financed?
A. The site creator (Mark) manages and funds the Terrier Club. As the site has grown, we've encouraged voluntary sponsorship from our members to help pay for hosting expenses.

Joining the Terrier Club

Q. How do I join the Terrier Club?
A. Just complete our Member Application and email us a photo of your Westie(s) or Cairn(s). Membership is FREE and you won't get unwanted spam from us because we protect your privacy.

Q. How do I change my member bio information or email address?
A. Your member email is not publicly editable, but we can update it if you simply email us. Be sure to include your member name and original email address if you want us to make any changes. Members can edit other bio information by registering for a password.

Q. What if my terrier is not a Westie or Cairn?
A. You can still participate in many of our site features, of course, but you can't join as a member. For other Terrier breeds, we have a "sister site" called Terrier Town where all terriers are invited to join - and it's free too!

Q. What about privacy? Do you sell my email address?
A. We take privacy very seriously and do not share your email with any third parties. The Terrier Club even disguises your email in forum messages to prevent automated web "bots" (scanners) from harvesting emails from the web.

Asking Questions or Getting Advice

Q. Where can I get answers about owning or caring for a Terrier?
A. Post a question to our active Message Board and you'll get plenty of advice and help from our members and frequent visitors. You can also find useful links and Pet Care Tips if you have questions about rescue, first aid, or other issues.

Q. Can I search for answers on a specific topic?
A. Yes. We have keyword searches for topics in our Message Board, Pet Care Tips, and Blog. You can also search for members by name on many site pages.

Using the Message Board (Forum)

Q. How do I participate in the Message Board?
A. Both members and visitors are welcome to post to our Message Board. You can learn more about the many forum features by clicking on the help icon from the forum index page.

Q. How can I add a photo to a message I want to post in the forum?
A. The photo must first reside somewhere on the web, such as a personal home page or in a web-based photo album. Every image on the web has a unique URL (address), and you can simply enter this address in the "Optional Image URL" box when you post your message. Here's how:

  • To get the URL for a photo, simply right click on the photo from the web page where it resides (or click and hold if you're a Mac user) and select Properties from the pop-up menu that appears
  • Highlight the complete address (URL) in the properties box and copy the text (hit CTRL+C or right click and choose Copy).
    NOTE: The URL will always start with http:// ... and end with .jpg or .gif
  • Go to your message form and paste this URL into the "Optional Image URL" box (hit CTRL+V or right click and choose Paste)
  • If you've done everything right, you'll see the photo in your message confirmation. If you see a red "X", something is missing.

Q. OK, then how do I get a photo from my hard drive onto the web?
A. You can sign up for one of the many free web-based photo album services such as Picasa Web Albums, Flickr, or Shutterfly Photo Books. (Beware: Some free albums block access from referring sites and your photo may not appear to other viewers of your forum message.)
If you're a Terrier Club member, you can use our free Blog to upload a photo and then refer to the image URL, or become a club sponsor and get your own Terrier Club hosted photo album where you can store and share your favorite photos.

Q. Why is my member photo missing when I post a forum message?
A. The forum software identifies you as a member using your email address. If you don't include your email with your message (or if it's wrong), you won't see your member photo and bio page link.
If you have changed your email address, be sure to let us know by emailing us with your OLD and NEW address and we'll update it.

Q. What does "LWD" (or other acronyms) mean?
A. Here's a quick guide to some of the acronyms and other common terms used in forum messages:

BARF= "Bones and Raw Food" diet
BLOG= Web log - online diary for members
BOS = Best of Show photo Contest
CPCRN = Col. Potter's Cairn Rescue Network
IOW = Image of the Week feature
BOL = "Barking out loud"
LWD = "Little White Doggie" (Westie)
ROFL = "Rolling on the floor laughing"
WRM = Westie Rescue of Missouri
ZOOMING = Running wild - What Terriers do best!

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