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Terrierclub.com started life in 1997 as a personal web site for Penny and Katy (our founders). After inviting other Cairns and Westies to join, our "club" quickly grew to become a major community devoted to lovers of these two adorable Terrier breeds.

It's now a favorite gathering place for over 3000 members and thousands of visitors worldwide. An active message board, chat room, gossip column, and many other features make The Terrier Club a lively place to visit every day, and we're still growing. As a privately managed web site, we rely on member contributions and donated time.

You can become a Club Sponsor to keep our site active and growing. Your contributions will help us pay our operating expenses, increase server space to add more features, and also assist in our rescue efforts for Westies and Cairns.

Terrier Club Sponsors receive recognition as active supporters of the club by appearing on our Friends of the Terrier Club page.

Sponsors also get free access to our Photo Album, where they can create their own online album and easily upload photos for all to see!

And, club members are identified as sponsors by having the star logo displayed on their biography page.


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